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CT Travel carbon tripod

The compact travel companion

The perfect choice if you are looking for a compact tripod that can be easily stowed away in your carry on baggage. The lightweight CT Travel carbon tripod offers a viewing height of approximately 170 cm / 66.9 in, unique for its size.


Light weight, rugged design, rapid adjustment, outstanding comfort: SWAROVSKI OPTIK tripods are perfectly designed for wildlife observation. However, the three tripods vary in important details such as size, transport dimensions, and weight: these features will help you decide which tripod is best suited to your needs. The perfect addition: the professional tripod head.

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Technical Data

The technical data is also available in pdf format in the downloads section.

Swarovski Optik - CT Travel carbon tripod
Instruction Manuals
Instruction manual - CT Travel pdf - 2 MB

In addition to ergonomic design and innovative technology, our products are also distinguished by unmatched quality. We check every production step and every individual product for 100% quality prior to delivery. We therefore grant our customers an extensive warranty.

Our repair and service department will be happy to help you at all times if you have any further questions about the warranty on SWAROVSKI OPTIK products.

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CT Travel carbon tripod

The compact travel companion

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